Decentralised bonds:
Accelerating DeFi 2.0



We have developed the new ERC–3475 to make securities possible on the blockchain. It empowers everyone to create their own bonds and derivatives like futures and options. Each bond or derivative is assigned to a unique algorithm and does not require an additional smart contract.


It is the marketplace where bonds and derivatives can be traded. It supports all auctions compatible with the ERC–3475 standard. After a bond is released to the market, its price decreases until somebody buys it.


D/Bond Wallet is an extension to the regular ERC–20 wallet. It can display all ERC–3475 assets of a user in one place. No more downloading additional softwares or regenerating private keys!
EIP–3475 is a new standard interface for contract that manages multiple callable bonds. This standard provides independent functions to read, transfer any collection of bonds, and for the issuer to redeem their bonds. This token standard can replace the current ERC–20 LP token.
EIP documentation
In the Making of a Decentralised Future, D/Bond empowers you to create your own on-chain financial product. A single platform for your financial needs. No programming needed, you can design and issue bonds with the backing of Bitcoin, USDC, ETH, NFTs, etc..
How it works

Securitising assets

Instead of using an ERC–20 token pair, any type of digital asset can be used (e.g. a single ERC–20 token, NFTs, etc.) to create securities.

Multi-layered pool

Swapping and creating pairs are more efficient, with lower gas fee and slippage.

The ERC–3475 D/Bond

The liquidity pool (LP) becomes more stable, therefore investment value is more certain.
New Ledger Support
With Hardware Root of Trust, secure all your crypto operations. Now you can securely use your Ledger Hardware Wallet with D/Bond. No extra installation or extensions needed.
Overlook of the next-generation DeFi solution