Decentralised bonds: Accelerating DeFi 2.0

Solution Provider of a Stable DeFi 2.0

ERC-3475 standard bond is a tradable LP token that can protect the liquidity pool from the vicious circle of withdrawal and sell. Using ERC-3475, each single deposit can be tracked and identified. Thus allows the conception of more sophisticated Yield Farming systems.

More Efficient & Sustainable

Multilayered pool solutions solve the gas fee consumption and slippage. Pooling of multiple digital assets will reduce the high volatility and the risk of losing principals. The protocol's native token backed by a multilayered pool will be much more stable.

All for One & One for All

Both the risk-averse investors and risk takers provide liquidity for a single multilayered pool. Based on their risk profile, different tiers of the bond will be given. The fixed rate bond promess the certainty of the repayment of the principal and interest. The floating rate bond enjoys most of the potential profit generated by the pool.

In the Making of a Decentralised Future

D/BOND empowers pear to pear on-chain financial services. No central bank will be deciding how much interest you can get, or if you were qualified for a loan. Give back the power to the people. D/EXCHANGE and D/WALLET are your simple, one-stop service to design, issue, and trade D/BONDs.